Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Postgres Online Magazine

I ran across a new Postgres ezine, Postgres Online Journal. Dec 2007 is complete and Jan 2008 is being constructed. You can read the current, under construction issue as HTML while it is being constructed. It looks like you can also download a PDF when an issue is complete. It will be nice to have an additional resource for Postgres developers and DBAs. This is just a sign that Postgres is becoming more mainstream. In the past all online Postgres information came from a very small group of people. The Dec 2007 issue has some good info:

  • PostgreSQL The Road Behind and Ahead
  • PostgreSQL 8.3 is just around the Corner
  • Converting from Unix Timestamp to PostgreSQL Timestamp or Date Beginner
  • Using Distinct ON to return newest order for each customer Intermediate
  • How to create an index based on a function Intermediate
  • The Anatomy of a PostgreSQL - Part 1 Beginner
  • How does CLUSTER ON improve index performance Intermediate
  • Language Architecture in PostgreSQL Intermediate
  • PostGIS for geospatial analysis and mapping Intermediate
  • Database Abstraction with Updateable Views Advanced
The article on updateable views is very good. I have used updateable views A LOT in Oracle but hadn't given that any thought in Postgres. DISTINCT ON is a nice feature also. You can click on About The Authors to see who is writing this. It leads to a company site called Paragon Corporation. They appear to be a database consulting company that works with most databases. This is a nice addition to the Postgres online resource pool. LewisC