Friday, October 5, 2007

Postgres LiveCD

I read about the Postgres LiveCD at the Blue Gnu. That's such a good idea! I don't know why we don't see more LiveCDs. Even commercial software should be taking advantage of such an easy marketing opportunity. The entry says:

Well, what can I say? The CD is simply Xubuntu with PostgreSQL loaded up and ready to run. And once loaded, you can actually play with PostgreSQL at least three different ways. The Xubuntu CD offers three icons that launch the Command-Line client, PGAdmin3 or phpPGAdmin. Now you can play with the server for as long as you like, goof it up and reboot for a clean, shiny new server. Actually, the CD includes some sample databases and Slony-I, the database replication utility. Now, I didn't notice any documentation lying around, but my guess is one could probably mount the local hard drive and have PostgreSQL create databases on it all day long without ever installing the actual database server. Xubuntu still contains (most of) the other applications normally included - the team has simply loaded PG and it's client applications.
I couldn't find any links about where to get an ISO or anything so I went searching. I found some email list messages from 2006 and two interesting links: As a bonus, Dru links to Joshua Drake's Practical PostgreSQL. This free book is getting a little old but still makes a useful reference. LewisC