Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Postgres and/or EnterpriseDB User Groups?

Hi all. I'm going to be using Postgres and EnterpriseDB a lot more in the near future. I was wondering if there is a Tampa area, or central Florida, Postgres user group or if there might be interest in starting one. If not, maybe a general database user group. I know the local Oracle user group is very popular (and it's a group I attend and enjoy) and I was hoping to have the same kind of thing for Postgres and EnterpriseDB. I think a general database user group might be a good idea too. It could cover all of the databases and give people who don't normally work with a particular database some exposure to it. For example, I have never worked with SQL Server but wouldn't mind an occasional presentation on SQL Server topics. Any interest in something like this? I don't know how many people in Central Florida read my blog and would be interested in meeting and discussing various databases. Let me know if you are already aware of something like this or would be interested in attending if something was available. Thanks, LewisC