Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nice Little Cheat Sheet

I stumbled across a nice little cheat sheet by someone names Pete Freitag. It's a PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet. The sheet contains a quick ref for CREATE DATABASE, CREATE TABLE, Adding a primary key, Creating an INDEX, Backing up a database, Running a SQL script, Selecting using a regular expression, Selecting the first N records, Using Prepared Statements, Creating a Function, Vacuum, Reindexing, Showing a query plan, Importing from a file, and some basic SQL statements. It's not a bad quick ref for newbies. The site also has cheat sheets for Coldfusion, Java, Apache, ASCII codes, CSS, XHTML, and even an English Grammer Cheat Sheet. The author also includes a pretty long list of cheat sheets available on other sites. LewisC