Friday, August 31, 2007

PostgreSQL 8.3 Features To Be Available After Labor Day

InformationWeek has an article with Bruce Momjian, PostgreSQL 8.3 Features To Be Available After Labor Day: Full text search and other features will become available for free download in beta code after Labor Day; with the final release to follow by 8-10 weeks. Won't be long now. I probably won't have time to play with it while it's in beta but I am looking forward to it. Tsearch2 will be nice and compares to Oracle Text although not quite a feature rich. For some reason, EnterpriseDB's PL/SQL debugger is being included. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me as they are not releasing SPL (their version of PL/SQL) to be included. I guess it's being included because it also supports PL/pgSQL (the postgres procedural language). Bitmap indexes are not making it into this release. That would have been nice for larger installations like data warehouses. Not mentioned in the article but will be there is SQL/X support. I am a huge user of XML and SQL/X makes life so much easier when generating XML. I wonder when XQuery will be supported?