Friday, September 7, 2007

Calling a Procedure or Function in Postgres

I think PL/SQL programmers who move to Postgres all run into the same thing, how do I run the procedure or function once I've created it?

Obviously, it's easy when you are calling it from another stored procedure or function.  What most mean, is how do I call it from the command line?  That's easy too.

Using my function and procedure from earlier posts, i.e. 10 Steps to Creating a Function In PostgreSQL Using PLpgSQL and Creating a Procedure In PostgreSQL Using PLpgSQL.

To call either the function or the procedure, you can run:

SELECT func_1();


SELECT * FROM func_1();

You must include the ().

Same for the procedure.

SELECT proc_1();


SELECT * FROM proc_1();

Of course, if you are using a GUI tool like PgAdmin III, it's a somewhat different story.  You need to open the query window but the syntax will be the same.

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